KDevelop Project Structure

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at seton.org
Fri Feb 15 02:09:40 GMT 2002


     I know you guys probably get this request all the time but I really
think this is a big problem. This is more like a plea than a request.

     Is kdevelop going to support multi project or workspace/project(s)
in the near future? This is the single biggest drawback with kdevelop as
far as I can see. I use visual c++ at work and I do unix programming at
night and the flexable project management is very sorely missed. I
really cant stress it enough.

     Also, I tried kdestudio ( not gold ) since its supposed to have a
better project manager. But even it insists on making copies of a source
file if you try to add it to multiple projects within a workspace. I
really don't understand this behavior and I hope kdevelop does not make
the same mistake. What is the point of supporting multiple projects if
you can't share common code between them. ( or manually have to sync the
code ) It seems ridiculous that an environment can't include the same
object file in builds for multiple targets. Until kdevelop supports
somthing along these lines, I just can't see too many people using it
for serious endeavors.


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