KAccel problems: (was Re: hotkeys and kdevelop 2.1(KDE 3.0b2))

Dieter Mummenschanz mummenschanz at gmx.net
Thu Feb 14 08:30:32 GMT 2002

> What problem? "...your branch..." from above is KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH, not
> People who are using the current KDevelop-2.1beta2 release for KDE3 also
> get a version from KDE_2_2_BRANCH which is source-compatible to KDE2 and
> KDE3.

Uh, now I´m a litte confused. Does that mean I need to use KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH
instead KDE_2_2_BRANCH when I do a cvs-checkout if I want a "kde3-only"
kdevelop wich has no KAccel issues?

Sorry, if I´m wrong again 8(


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