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Sun Dec 29 14:05:59 GMT 2002

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On Sunday 29 Dec 2002 1:55 pm, Alan Chandler wrote:
> I build gideon from CVS source yesterday.
> I have build a standard kde app using gideon and am trying to use the
> debugger to understand how it works (and eventually start to change it to
> do what I want).
> However, when setting a breakpoint - nothing appears to happen, and
> although the breakpoint is listed in the breakpoint window I don't think it
> gets set as
> 1)  There is no indication in the source code display
> 2)  gdb reports (in the gdb window)
> (gdb) break kbooked.cpp:179
> No symbol table is loaded.  Use the "file" command.

Partly my problem - I did not --enable-debug in configure.

HOWEVER.  I think it is now breaking at the right place, but since there is no 
indication in the source code display its almost impossible to use.

I am almost sure scanning the gideon code that it is trying to do something to 
mark the breakpoints in the source code display window - but nothing is 

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