KDevelop CVS appwizard (BUG??)

Caleb Tennis caleb at aei-tech.com
Mon Dec 23 16:43:04 GMT 2002

On Monday 23 December 2002 11:09, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> What's happening is that we make "script.local" out of "script" and it adds
> in install directory information.  It looks to me like
> cleaning/reconfiguring the sources isn't happening properly, so no updates
> to script.local are getting done if the settings change.  I'm looking into
> it now.

Okay, so what's happening is at "configure" time script.local gets created 
from script and it adds in the directory that you specify as your kde 
installation directory.  However, if you "reconfigure" later and change that 
directory, the script.locals don't get changed.  You can fix this by doing a 
make distclean on the appwizard directory and it will refresh the proper 

I think that the dependencies on this should be changed: the problem is that I 
don't know what to change them to.  Hopefully someone else listening to this 
will take pity and step in.  We need to update script.local's dependencies to 
be remade if configure is reran.  This is persistent in almost all of the 
appwizard subdirectories...


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