Gideon and QT 3.0.3

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Sun Dec 22 00:21:51 GMT 2002

Ali Naddaf wrote:

>Hello everyone.
>I just compiled the second alpha release of gideon and tried to create a new 
>KDE Application using its "New Project". When I run "Run Automake & Friends" 
>to create the configure file, it somehow assumes that I need to have QT 3.1, 
>i.e if I try to run configure, it fails half way through and says I need QT 
>3.1 . It seems that this is a default selection which is not appropriate for 
>my system which has QT 3.0.3. 
>Where can I set that to use my existing QT instead?
Hi Ali, replace the admin directory of your project with the admin 
directory you get if you cvs checkout the cvs module 'kde-common' from 
branch KDE_3_0_BRANCH.
The latest admin dir doesn't seem to care about support of older 
versions. *sigh* *grumble*
F at lk

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