AW: Kdevelop 2.2.2, Debian 3.0 Woody

Jan Hohe jhohe at
Tue Dec 3 11:53:47 GMT 2002

> Hi. 
> I am doing a cross-platform project using tmake for the makefiles. 
> I could either use kdevelop or emacs/oo-browser/ddd. 
> Problem with kdevelop: how can i setup a "custom project" and use
> sourcefiles from a different folder WITHOUT being forced to copy them
> over to my kdevelop folder ??
> thx for all replies... 

In the menu "Projects" you find an entry
"Generate Project File". After clicking that entry
you can choose a Directory for which you would like
to create a Kdevelop Project File. 
After getting a warning (you do don't have a
the KDevelop Project File should be created (including
all subfolders). 
Your Makefile can still be created by tmake (I would
recommend qmake).


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