Please test KDevelop from CVS for upcoming version 2.0.2

F@lk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Sat Oct 27 22:38:06 BST 2001

The CVS-version of KDevelop on branch KDE_2_2_BRANCH contains an
improved version of the debugger now.
You can debug multithreaded applications (both, Qt3 and Qt2 based).
Please, test and report problems so that we can release it stable with
KDevelop-2.0.2 (on the KDE-2.2.2 release)!

F at lk

P.S.: Grisha Mokhin and Nikita Youshchenko have fixed the editor views
for non-latin chars! :-) 
If you enable the showing of static members, showing of strings in VAR
view will also work.

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