KDevelop 2.0.1 Control Center Template -- Broken

Ben Schepens schepens at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 22 22:11:19 BST 2001

Can someone please tell me how I use KDevelop to create a KControl
project, correct its errrors, and where I put my *.desktop, *.so, and *.la
files to install it?

I am trying in vain to create a KControl Module using
the KDevlop Control Center module.  The Project Template
is broken in that the case of file names, function names
etc do not match for the project created.

Also, when the *.desktop file is created for the module,
the X-KDE-Library=... has the an incorrect value in it.  
It has something like 


which should be


as far as I can tell from the tutorial at:


Last week I finally figured out how to correct the typos in the
project files after they were initially created, but I have
stupidly lost my notes related to the problem and I cannot 
figure out the answer again.

Does anyone know if there is a patch for KDevelop to make it 
create the KControl project accurately?  

Ben Schepens

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