Multiple Binary Targets in a single project?

Sebastian Malcolm sm at
Mon Oct 22 14:34:53 BST 2001

Hi all,

I am interested in using a single KDevelop Project to produce more than one binary.
In my case, I am going to create two Server's that are (almost) identical in functionality except that one uses TCP and the other uses UDP. Perhaps figuring out how to make and then use a shared library is the "right" way to do this?... but I would like to know if KDevelop supports multiple binaries for a single project.

Perhaps there is other search criteria I could try by the words "multiple binary" when used to search the KDevelop archives only produced this less than helpful reply to the same question I have:


>But the version 1.6.xx is in the SuSE 7.1 distribition.
>I will tell to the list.
>Regards, Guy
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>Objet : multiple binary targets
>how can I expand an existing (one binary target) qt-project to multiple
>binary executables ?
>THX in advance


... I look forward to anyone explaining why I am silly to want to do this! :-)


P.S. Please CC: sm at

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