same old Make issue

nico dufort ndufort at
Sun Oct 21 22:43:37 BST 2001

Hi there,
  I feel bad about asking but even after reading thru the forum and mailing 
list archives, I could not find an answer.

  Here is my situation:  I'm running RH7.1, and Kdevelop 2.0.
I have been compiling code for school using good old vi as my editor and 
running make from my shell.  But I recently decided to move to kdevelop to 
see how it could improve my work.
  Unfortunatly, being a total newbie to the programming world, I can't get 
kdevelop to use my makefile properly.  I created a new project within kdev. 
and opened a simple OpenGL code and tried to use the Makefile that came with 
Mesa.  However, I can't get it to work.  The Makefile is in the same 
directory as my code.  When I try to run Make, it get this in the console:

make: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop.
*** failed ***

  Could someone help me setting up Kdevelop to do this properly.  I have 
spent my full day on it and can't do anything.  I might go back to good old 
vi and my shell.

  Thanks for your time and understanding.

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