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Pupeno pupeno at pupeno.com.ar
Mon Oct 15 00:31:45 BST 2001

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When I linking my application I get tons of error like this one:

/widgets/libwidgets.a(kxstatusmessagedialogimpl.o): In function
/usr/lib/qt2/include/qbutton.h(.text+0x24): undefined reference to
`kxStatusMessageDialog::kxStatusMessageDialog(QWidget *, char const *, bool,
unsigned int)'
./widgets/libwidgets.a(kxstatusmessagedialogimpl.o): In function
`kxStatusMessageDialogImpl::kxStatusMessageDialogImpl(unsigned int, int,
QWidget *, char const *, bool, unsigned int)':
undefined reference to `kxStatusMessageDialog::kxStatusMessageDialog(QWidget
*, char const *, bool, unsigned int)'

kxStatusMessageDialogImpl is a class, with its .cpp and .h files, but
kxStatusMessageDialog is a .ui file generated with Qt Designer. It seams to
be right, kxstatusmessagedialog.cpp and .h are generated and they have the
declaration and the implementation of kxStatusMessageDialog. All the .ui
files generate the .cpp, .h, .moc.. they are compiled into a librari,
libui.a, and then that library is linked when linking everything. I have
undefined reference in everything related to that library (as if it doesn't
exist), and all the other library that are generated are compiled and linked
without any problem. What could generate this problem.
The complete sources, if you want them, you can get them in
ok, any idea, hint or help will be very apretiated.
Thank you!
Peace and love!
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Pupeno: pupeno at pupeno.com.ar
PS: I'm using KDevelop
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