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Jens Zurheide jens.zurheide at
Mon Oct 8 19:11:36 BST 2001

Monday 08 October 2001 13:55 Rick Sivernell
> F at lk
>changed -lqextmdi to  -l/opt/kde2/lib/
>which is really
>lrwxrwxrwx   1 root  root  21 Oct  5 16:30 ->
It is not that trivial. First thing is: a library on linux always starts 
with lib... This means that you should at least create a symlink 
ln -s
but I am not sure if this really works because there is this program 
libtool involved during linking and that relies on the .la files of the 
libraries (if they are present). The easiest thing would be if you get a 
source or binary package of qextmdi and install the correctly 
without relying onto the one in KDevelop. A link to the sources might be on 
the Trolltech homepage somewhere in the Developer section.

Another thing is: you usually don't have to specify the extenstion of the 
library (.so or .a) so -lqextmdi should work if the library is correctly 
installed and the path to the library is specified correctly with 

Good luck,

>[root at RRSivernell lib]# echo $QEXTMDIDIR
Working as root ... :-(
>[root at RRSivernell lib]#

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