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Rodrigo Alexandre Ribeiro Canellas rcanellas at
Mon Oct 8 18:25:53 BST 2001


This is my first question to this list!!

I am tryimg to use kdevelop but I am receiving SIGSEV error as I start the application. 

Here go some information: 

1 - I am using Concetiva Linux, a brazilian distro, version 7.0, with kernel 2.4.5. 

2 - I am using WindowMaker, but the error also occurs in KDE. 

3 - 'rpm -qi kdevelop' tells me this: 

Name        : kdevelop                     Relocations: (not relocateable) 
Version     : 1.41                              Vendor: Conectiva 
Release     : 3cl                           Build Date: Seg 30 Abr 2001 23:08:45 BRT 
Install date: Sex 05 Out 2001 16:26:09 BRT      Build Host: mapi2.distro.conectiva 
Group       : Desenvolvimento               Source RPM: kdevelop-1.41-3cl.src.rpm 
Size        : 3577167                          License: GPL 
URL         : 
Summary     : Ambiente Integrado de Desenvolvimento para o KDE 
Description : KDevelop é um IDE (ou Ambiente Integrado de Desenvolvimento) para o KDE. 

4 - Some translations: 
      'Sex' means 'Friday' 
      'Out' means 'October' 

5 - Here it is what appears in xterm when I start kdevelop: 

[rcanellas at look rcanellas]$ kdevelop 
Xlib:  extension "RENDER" missing on display ":0.0". 
DCOPServer up and running. 
QGList::locate: Index -1 out of range 
KCrash: crashing.... crashRecursionCounter = 2 
KCrash: Application Name = kdevelop path = <unknown> 
Xlib:  extension "RENDER" missing on display ":0.0". 
[rcanellas at look rcanellas]$ kdeinit: Fatal IO error: client killed 
kdeinit: sending SIGHUP to children. 
kdeinit: sending SIGTERM to children. 
kdeinit: Exit. 

I hope someone can help me! 

   Rodrigo Canellas

Rodrigo Canellas

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