Bug in KDevelop project files

Tarjei Knapstad tarjeik at chemcon.no
Wed Oct 3 13:56:11 BST 2001

On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Birgit Schulz wrote:

Hi Birgit.

> Hello,
> I have some troubles with kdevelop project files. When I load the project
> file kmathhelp1.kdevprj (generated by kdevelop), kdevelop crashes and prints
> the following error message on the console:
> input buffer overflow, can't enlarge buffer because scanner uses REJECT
Known problem - unknown cause (?). The flex parsers seems to barf
sometimes for no obvious reason. I had the same problem some time back
when I moved one of my .ui files to a new subdirectory. Moving it back
made it work like a charm again.

> I tried to find the bug and a way to load my project again. When I remove one
> QtDesigener file (*.ui) from the project file in a editor (section
> {kmathhelp/Makefile.am] files = ....) I can load the project again. So, it
> seems kdevelop can't deal with that much QtDesigner files or QTDesigner files
> with this long file names. The changed project file is attached to the email
> as kmathelp2.kdevprj.
I don't think the project file has anything to do with it.

> I hope my message help to fix this bug. It would be nice, if someone fixes
> the bug, he/she can write me a short message.
It would be a lot easier if someone was able to reproduce this bug by
creating a small testproject and then just add .ui files in different
subdirs until the crash occured. I made a few attempts, but I still
couldn't reproduce it...

Tarjei Knapstad

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