Kdevelop documentation in ASCII test or PDF

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Thu Jun 21 02:50:09 UTC 2001

Scott Thompson wrote:
> I'm not sure where else to send this, so I'll send it
> here.
> Currently, documentaion for KDevelop is available only
> as html.  I would like to see it made available in
> other formats such as .pdf or even ASCII text.  This
> way it can be downloaded and printed if so desired.
> Just a suggestion...
> Thanks,
> ~Scott Thompson

In fact, it is available as both pdf and ps since almost a year :) on
the ftp site. You may need to look that up in the snapshots section
though. Hmpf, Sandy we should put a link at a very prominent place, this
is probably the 50th time we have to answer that question :))

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