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Sat Jun 16 00:57:45 UTC 2001

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Using KDE's Kdevelop 1.4

added the below:
#include </opt/STLport-4.0/stlport/iostream.h>

make results:
/opt/STLport-4.0/stlport/iostream.h:21: stl/_prolog.h: No such file or 
/opt/STLport-4.0/stlport/iostream.h:104: wrap_std/h/iostream.h: No such file 
or directory
/opt/STLport-4.0/stlport/iostream.h:108: stl/_epilog.h: No such file or 
Actually the files and dir are in place.
Is there some enviroment variable need to be set
or is there something wrong with my install

 I need to use the ANI-ISO STL C++ library.
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