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Fri Jun 15 08:47:56 UTC 2001


Some questions to gideon 0.2: 
The compiling and 
installation runs without errors. 
./configure runs without prefix, but the binaries are 
installed to opt/kde and not usr/local as mentioned in the 
install readme.
Running "gideon" (without parameters) shows a grey split 
window with a minimal menu containing only 

On the console the error messages appears:
"fatal parsing error: unexpected end of file in line 1"
"kio (KMimeType): WARNING: KServiceType::offers : 
servicetype KDevelop/MakeFrontend not found"

The Settings function causes:
"kparts: ERROR: No Such XML file gideonui.rc"

The gideonui.rc is installed in the path: 

Is there any additional configuration neccessary?


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