kdevelop and symlinks

Pascal A. Niklaus Pascal.Niklaus at unibas.ch
Thu Jun 14 02:57:48 UTC 2001

Hi Kdevelop-developers,

I found a problem with the way KDevelop handles symlinks. I used symlinks 
because I have source shared between two applications (a client and a 
server communicating with each other). Since KDevelop 1.4.1 currently can't 
handle two projects in one project (or how would you call that? with MSVC 
it would be two projects in a workspace) I used symlinks to access the 
shared files in the other directory. However, when the files are added to 
the project, the symlinks are overwritten by 'real' files.

The problem is probably that KDevelop loads the contents, closes the file, 
and opens a 'new file' to write back the contents (and insert a header if 
that is required). If my diagnosis is correct, then just 'seeking back' to 
the beginning of the file without closing it first would solve this 
undesirable side effect...

BTW: KDevelop is a really great program !!!


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