kdevelop-2.0cvs compile error

Bud Rogers budr at sirinet.net
Tue Jun 12 22:53:56 UTC 2001

On Tuesday 12 June 2001 17:36, gigafalk at yahoo.com wrote:
> Bud Rogers wrote:

> > ckdevinstall.cpp:187: unknown escape sequence `\s'
> > ckdevinstall.cpp:205: unknown escape sequence `\s'
> > make[4]: *** [ckdevinstall.lo] Error 1
> Bad luck for all gcc-2.95.3 users I would say.
> 2.95.2 on SuSE-7.1 gives a warning but it works.

Interesting.  I have 2.95.2 as well.  What does  \s mean?

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