Installing Gideon outside of stable KDE directory

kdevelop at kdevelop at
Tue Jun 12 23:41:15 BST 2001

Is it possible to install Gideo in some other directory - other than the 
stable $KDEDIR?  If possible, I'd like to keep programs under heavy 
development away from those installed from RPM.  

I can set the --prefix to be someplace else when I configure it so that it 
will install elswhere - e.g. --prefix /opt/KDEDEV .  (KDE 2.1.1 from mdk 8.0 
is installed in /usr)  The problem is, how will it know where to look for 
shared KDE resources?

(Maybe this question has already been asked or it is obviously 
possible/impossible to everyone but me. :( I haven't found this answered in 
the mailist or on deja...)



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