Tip of the day questions: urgent for translation!

Stephan Johach lucardus at onlinehome.de
Mon Jul 30 19:36:23 BST 2001


I'm doing a last minute translation.

There are some questions:

	<p>...that you can create hierarchical todos by clicking with the right 

What does it mean? What is a hierarchical todo?

	<p>If you want to specify additional command-line options to your make\n
	program, you can set them in the setup dialog.\n

It's in Project -> Options at least in my version. 

	<p>...that you can debug your programs within KDevelop by selecting 
	\"Debug\" in the Build-menu or by choosing the Debug icon ?\n

It's Debug -> Start, not Build -> Debug

This is just to inform you. But please don't change it now. There's no time 
for another translation.


Das Verhalten von Gates hatte mir bewiesen, dass ich auf ihn und
seine beiden Gefährten nicht rechnen durfte. 
	(Karl May, Winnetou III)

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