KDevelop 1.4 Include Files

Toth, Gregory S Gregory.Toth at PSS.Boeing.com
Mon Jul 23 17:50:11 BST 2001

Package: kdevelop
Version: 1.4
Severity: normal

When you have include files you wish for a KDevelop project to find,
the normal way to tell KDevelop to search additional directories is to
add the paths in the following dialog box:

Project->Options->Compiler Options->additional options

In the following format:

-I/myFirstPath -I/mySecondPath

This worked just fine under KDevelop 1.1-1.3 but did not work under 
KDevelop 1.4 (KDevelop 1.4 was not finding the files although the exact
same project compiled just fine under 1.3)

I found that when KDevelop 1.4 was building the command line to g++, 
it was appending the options like this:
"  -Wall-I/myFirstPath" instead of " -Wall -I/myFirstPath"

Adding a space in front of the -I in the dialog box is a work around.

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