Parse Error with printf

jason R3LiK at
Sun Jul 22 20:06:31 BST 2001

> I am new to KDevelop so please excuse me if the question has already been
> asked/answered (or it is a stupid question for that matter).
> I have written a small socket server as a C project in KDevelop 1.4 and it
> compiles perfectly, however whenever I add any printf line to the code
> if I copy the printf line from the Hello World example project which does
> compile), I get a Parse Error on the line after the printf statement...
> anybody seen this before, am I doing something stupid or does anyone have
> suggestion on how to fix this problem as it would be really nice to have
> some output from the application :)
> Regards,
> William Bartholomew

show us your code. would be easier to see a problem if we can see it :)

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