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Thomas Diehl thd at kde.org
Sun Jul 22 05:28:38 BST 2001

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>From: Stephan Johach <lucardus at onlinehome.de>
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>Subject: KDevelop i18n again broken
>Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 19:09:17 +0200


Today I realized that our german translation from 
July 6th is again broken without notification by the developers.

I know Ralf Nolden is short in time atm, but what about the
other developers?

There are 44 fuzzy and 22 new strings if I can trust KBabel.

So what do you think about the message freeze? Did I miss
something. Is KDevelop not in message freeze? If so, why? 
And if so, when do you think a translator can trust on the fact 
that his translation will not be broken the next day by a 

I did heavy work to get it fully translated for Linuxtag
and now right after it's broken again. This beast is really huge 
and not easy to translate, you know. And I have a fulltime job and
I'm not willing and able to do work on the translation every
weekend to get it finished for KDE 2.2. Did you ever translate
an application again and again? It's work not fun.

So please tell me a good reason for this extra work the
translators have to do now. 


Das Verhalten von Gates hatte mir bewiesen, dass ich auf ihn und
seine beiden Gefährten nicht rechnen durfte. 
	(Karl May, Winnetou III)

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