Kdevelop + codecompletion for C++ = project / need help :o)

J�r�me Iffrig jerome.iffrig at caramail.com
Thu Jul 19 17:20:48 BST 2001


A couple of days ago, I have addressed the following 
question on Kdevelop's forum :-

[...] Has anybody heard about an auto-complete 
functionality within Kdevelop?
e.g. I tape the name of a class - then the dot - and all 
the possible choices (attributes / methods) that I can use 
in this context pops-up living me free to select one of 
them to complete the spelling of my coding [...]

Since I have received an answer from Sandy Meier :-

[...] Yes, it is planed, but in the first version it will 
be only implemented for PHP and Python. For other languages 
we search volunteers. 
You can checkout the Gideon sourcecode and try to 
understand the framework a little. I hope I will have the 
codecompletion framework ready (Kwrite as Editor and PHP as 
language) in the end of the week, so you can take a look if 
you want.

First: many thanks Sandy for you fast answers
Second: I am -extremely- motivated in developing this 
functionality as I believe it's going to help a lot of 
novice developers willing to enjoy C++ ... and be much 
convenient to the advanced ones.

Please let me know WHEN and WHERE I can get the Gideon 
sourcecode for me to get a flavor of what the code looks 
Please, anyone, let me know if you are willing to develop 
this functionality with me / discuss about its design / how 
we could implement it.

Ciao for now.
Jérôme - UK
Le journal des abonnés Caramail - http://www.carazine.com

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