Bug report

Bud Millwood budm at weird-solutions.com
Wed Jul 18 10:10:44 BST 2001

- debug another executable doesn't allow arguments
   When you choose Debug->Start (other)->Debug another executable, there's
   no way to send arguments to that process.

- IMHO the Watch tab in ClassView should be in OutputView by default, not
     It's very common to have long values that need to be watched. I
     understand it's a tradeoff, however, because of the need to stretch
     both downwards and sideways when viewing variables.

- When exiting Konsole from Output-View can't restart konsole
    Typing "exit" from the Konsole tab in Output-View results in an empty
     window. There appears to be no way to restart konsole.

- Moving debug variables window when icon mode only results in
   output-view tab with neither text nor icon
     When ClassView is set to show icons only, moving a tab by dragging
      it from Tree-View to Output-View results in an Output-View tab that
      has no text.

- ClassView font should be separately configurable.
    It would be nice to be able to reduce that font.

Bud Millwood
Weird Solutions, Inc.
tel: +46 70 566 7803
fax: +46 8 758 3687
mailto:budm at weird-solutions.com

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