Linking to other libraries..

francesco francesco.mezzanotte at
Tue Jul 10 04:23:56 BST 2001

Hi I'm trying to link against hk_classes and commonc++ libraries with no 
I've added -lhk_classes -lccio -lccstd and -lccxx(commonc++ libs) in 
Project/Options/Linker Options/ additional libraries , and also indicated
-I/usr/hk_classes/include -L/usr/local/hk_classes/ in Additional flags with 
no success , the same sources I compiled with g++ -o example example.cpp 
-lstdc++ -ldl -lhk_classes -L/usr/local/hk_classes/ -I 
/usr/local/hk_classes/include/ and they worked here.
Can anybody tell me what's wrong?

Thanks in advance.



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