Fully Static linking problem

Johan Maes on1mh at pandora.be
Sun Jul 8 11:50:11 BST 2001

Hi Walter,

Thanks for the answer.

On 4) the question was : why in this case is libtool triggered, not 
"doubting" the value of libtool.

Your answer made it clear that the -static (g++ liker flag) is caught by 
libtool. Thanks again for the reply.


On Sunday 08 July 2001 12:25, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Johan Maes wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I have the following problem:
> >
> >KDevelop 1.4 , Suse 7.0
> >
> >Goal: make an exec that is fully statically linked.
> >
> >1) I create a C++ project (no kde , no qt)
> >2) I add -static to the linker option.
> >3) I compile/link the program.
> your goal will be reached by using switch -all-static instead of
> -static, because -static is now caught by libtool and has a different
> meaning.
> -static means all libtool libraries will be linked statically
> (only if possible... if a used libtool library doesn't exist in static
> version, the build process falls back to link the respective library in
> shared version)
> -all-static instead forces the build process to link all libraries
> statically
> (if a used library doesn't exist in static version the build process
> fails or hangs *sigh*)
> BTW:
> Calling "libtool -help" and/or "libtool -help -mode=link" shows you the
> features of your libtool script.
> >4) KDevelop uses .libtool script (why ???) , but makes a standard
> > executable. (you see that it dropped -static in the g++ ... line)
> Answering point 4):
> that's right, libtool script is used... why not?
> Libtool is a shell to cover compiler/linker calls to handle (almost) all
> situations of project's build and run and debug process, which use
> project-libs and/or published libs.
> Ciao
> Walter

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