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Thu Jul 5 20:54:41 BST 2001

Hi René,

René Märten wrote:
> kio (KDirLister): KDirLister::openURL file:/home/killer/Projekte/knutella/
> keep=false
> kio (Scheduler): Scheduler::_doJob protocol=file
> kdevelop: error while loading shared libraries: kdevelop: undefined symbol:
> yywrap
> killer at kcommander:~ >
> what does it mean?
incompatible library versions. Did you mix up KDE versions?

> the last few hours i sitting arround and try to getting started
> kdevelop2.2beta, 2.0, gideon etc etc...
> everything chrashed.
> My System: SuSE7.2, Kernel 2.4.4, endless RAM, KDE2.2Beta1
> What i need to install?
kdevelop (KDEVELOP_1_4)

F at lk

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