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Eric Sorensen esorensen at
Thu Jul 5 03:10:20 BST 2001

Am Mittwoch 04 Juli 2001 14:47 schrieben Sie:
> Hello Eric,
> I read your messag with great interest. In the next weeks I have to
> implement a Database-Application for my institute. We have about 50
> Client-Computers wich should get the data from a server. At the same time
> some of the data should be available via Internet. Is that possible with
> MySQL? If yes, do you have any hints how can I do that. Could I install the
> MySQL server programm on our central server?
> Thanks in advance.
> Walid

Hello Walid,

I'm sorry if I leave you with something less than a complete answer but here 
goes with wat I can say.  

First of all.  I program a VB App using a Windows based Database in a client 
server environment.  I enjoy my work and want to finally get busy in the 
Linux Arena doing something along the same lines as I do professioinally.  
Unfortunately I have about eight days to my Abschlusprüfung with the IHK.  I 
haven't yet begun programming anything in Linux of any serriousness - because 
I am putting that off until after this upcoming Prüfung.  

If I correctly understood what I've read up to now then it works like this.  
You will have a MySQL Database running on the server at your company.  The 
MySQL Database is available to all client systems who have the appropriate 
network access.  To log onto the Database you have parameters USER, PASSWORD 
and HOST.  It will be the responsibility of your Database-Application to send 
the proper Login parameters to the Server in your LAN.  The LAN Clients 
should usually have access to the Database unless they can't reach the 
server.  The Internet Access to the Database probably needs a fully 
functional DNS Server (a supposition) - Read the MySQL documentation.  Of 
course this requires that your companies Server has internet access.  

Since you mention Internet access I assume you mean that you want to have 
localy stored PHP Scripts accessing your database.  This will require your 
server to have a properly installed internet server software like Apache.   
This configuration would typically have PHP internet sides saved in the 
public access area that Apache usually looks in :/usr/local/httpd/htdocs.  
The internet visitor views a PHP page, your Apache server uses it's module 
mod_php3 to translate the PHP code into a HTML page.  Assuming you use PHP's 
MySQL Functionality, you will display data to various elements of your 
intenet visitors page.  This functions because the PHP script is running on 
your companys server as is Apache as is MySQL.  Apache uses mod_php to send a 
request for data to your MySQL database.  Mod_php gets the results, reformats 
it into HTML, sends it to Apache which sends it to the Internet visitor.  

Thats basically the trick.  You 'JUST' need to properly install and configure 
Apache & PHP, MySQL and your network access.

I hope this brings you a bit further.  If my letter is a bit hard to read, 
it's cause It's a Hefeweizen past two and I'm bushed.  


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