bugs in template "KDE2 Normal"

Olaf Hartig OleBowle at gmx.de
Wed Jul 4 23:14:25 BST 2001

I've found two bugs in the template "KDE2 normal app". It's in KDevelop 1.4 
and in the latest CVS (KDEVELOP_1_4 branch) and may be in the HEAD branch 
(didn't checked it).
They are in |Name|Doc::saveModified().

1) The strings in the messagebox creation (KMessageBox::warningYesNoCancel) 
have to be exchanged, because we have the parameterlist
	parent, text, caption, ...
and not
	parent, caption, text, ...

2) The values for the case statements are wrong. It has to be
	case 3:
		...; break;
	case 4:
		...; break;
	case 2:
		...; break;
Or better take the identifiers: 
	case KMessageBox::Yes:
		...; break;
	case KMessageBox::No:
		...; break;
	case KMessageBox::Cancel:
		...; break;

I changed the according file ( ./skel/kbasedoc.cpp ) and attached it. Simply 
replace it in ./kdevelop/templates/normal2.tar.gz

Please CC - I'm not on the list.

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