Fwd: TOC files for Gideon

Thomas Fromm 520060253697-0001 at t-online.de
Sun Jul 1 09:56:50 BST 2001


>   Please visit:
> ftp://lkr.sourceforge.net/pub/lkr/gideon/
> There are files:
> make-toc.tar.gz  - Perl scripts
> kde2book.tar.bz2  - KDE 2.0 Development Book in HTML
> libc.tar.bz2           - GNU LIBC in HTML (from kdevelop CVS :)
> php.tar.bz2           - PHP 4.0.4 docs in HTML (you can
> download PHP 4.0.5 docs from http://www.php.net and generate your TOC file)
> Qt HTML docs are not provided (because you have it by default)
> Soon I'll put on ftp  Perl scripts for generating TOC files for MySQL HTML
> docs and KDE libs.

When the changes are committed at cvs.php.net, then
a seperate .toc file generation is not needed, because the php.toc ist 
delivered with the normal documentation tarball foreach native language.

kind regards,

http://phpOracleAdmin.org http://tfromm.com

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