Linking kde1.2 with qt2.2.0

wonderer at wonderer at
Mon Dec 31 16:07:41 GMT 2001

Sir,thnax very much for ur reply but the problem still persists 
I could explain the problem if u donnot mind
I have kde 1.2 installed and two versions of Qt as qt1.44 and qt 2.2.0
my environment paths are set to /usr/lib/qt2.2.0 as QTDIR and paths for KDEDIR
are also set right.
NOW when i try to compile some code with a function as QString::size()(which
is not there in qt 1.44 )it compiles with qt-2.2.0 but on linking it gaives
message that undefined reference to QString::size() plus other qt 1.44 absent
functions(which are present in the qt-2.2.0)
It also gives the following warning 
" needed by may conflict with" is apparently in qt-1.44 and is in qt-2.2.0
So now i think u understand my problem more clearly.
I wish u could send me some suggestion
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