kdevelop 2.1 doesnt compile sourcefiles added to project!

W. Tasin tasin at fhm.edu
Thu Dec 27 16:12:17 GMT 2001

Dieter Mummenschanz wrote:

>When I create a new C-console project with kdevelop 2.1 and add existing
>source files  kdevelop just ignores compiling them although they are marked as
>Gcc says no input files!
>Yes, Ive tried DistClean, configure and all that - doesn´t help.
>Any help

There was a problem inside the file special.m4.in of the c template.

Now the three possibilities to solve this problem (hoping our router 
will work the next time), use one of them:

1) Download the file 
#tar xvzf ctemplupdate-0.1.tar.gz
#cd ctemplupdate-0.1
#./configure ..... [your usual options like --prefix= and --with-qt-dir=]
#make install [only as root or root-equiv]

   Please read also the README file inside the tarball (there you find 
an instruction to update your existing c-projects created with kdevelop 
2.0.2 or 2.1beta) and remember:
   USE this ONLY for either KDevelop 2.0.2 or KDevelop 2.1beta.

2) Use the actual CVS version of kdevelop 2.1beta

3) For kdevelop-2.0.2 and SuSE 7.3 users I made up a new binary-rpm, 
which also handles this problem




BTW: Happy holidays to the kdevelop-team and all users!

oohhh sveglia.... il mondo e' ammalato, ma x colpa di chi.........
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