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Mon Dec 24 08:00:02 GMT 2001

On Sunday 23 December 2001 14:04, SRD Qin Feng wrote:


I forward this to Bernhard, maybe he knows something about that and can help 
you. Depending on how RH installs Qt2 and KDE2 you may not need to set these 
settings; it is still there for usage with the --prefix  and --with-qt-dir 
configure options for different qt and kde versions. The first problem points 
to the kmid.kdoc.gz file, you should come back with the exact error message 


> Hi,
> 	I installed Redhat 7.2, the kdevelop2.0 is in it, but after the
> wizard create a project, it always report can't access a file in the
> /usr/share/doc/kdevelop..., I have read the directory, the file wizard
> wants to read is in a .gz file, so, I create a directory who named
> xxx.gz, and the unzip the file into it, but when i create the project
> again, it report : gzip stdout: it's a directory.
> 	By the way, I can't find the directory of KDE2 and QT2 which
> needed to set in kdevelop.
> 	Thanks.
> Qinfeng
> 2001-12-23

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