getting ethernet physical address

René Märten delta_x at
Wed Dec 19 15:43:14 GMT 2001

Am Mit, 2001-12-19 um 15.49 schrieb Loh Yong Khun:
> hi there,
>     i would like to write a simple program to get the physical address of my
> network card. can anybody let me know how to achieve that? which class or
> function should i call? thanks in advance.
>         YK (Loh Yong Khun)
>         <ykloh at>

Hi YK,

if You mean the MAC Addr, I think it is the simplest way to work with
QProcess or KProcess. Start a /sbin/ifconfig <NIC> and grep the Stdout
for "HWaddr":

kcommander:~ # ifconfig | grep HWaddr
eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:50:BF:93:6D:82

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