Qt and other libraries

Celine Tourlet celine.tourlet at c-s.fr
Mon Dec 17 17:21:43 GMT 2001

Hi all,
I'm currently evaluating Qt and It looks really good to me.
First, if my questions should be posted to another mailing list or news
group, please let me know since kdevelop.org is the only I know that
covers topics related to Qt.

As I said Qt seems cool but I'm doing this evaluation for professional
use so I need to justify my choices ...
Does anybody know any ressource that would give comparison information
about Qt and other librairies ?
Any personal feedback welcome as well.

My project requires either a portable graphical library, or at least a
library running on Linux.
2 main features are expected :
- good set of widgets for dialogs, buttons and so on
- (soft) real time animation of 2D objects.

The commercial library Ilog Views is quite known here. Anyone knowing Qt
and Ilog that would give his/her opinion ?
Any other libray to suggest, possibly as a complement to Qt for 2D
objects animation ?



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