a clue for using kdev with an app build in kdeXXX (for newbie maybe)

Girard Henri henrigirard at yahoo.fr
Sat Dec 15 10:22:51 GMT 2001

 As I was looking for months how to integrate an app
in kdev... I discover and easy way when we got the
"configure" file...
I was looking for an editor under kde... Most of them
didn't compile in kdev... After looking most of the
kde and kdev tutorials I found one at kde.org...
But the problem was it was hand coded... But my luck :
The tutorial compile in console...
So I tried to see if in kdev it would compile... First
try I did it wrong because they were few apps... But I
at last notice that "configure" write a makefile for
each app :) smile... 
Then I open kdev and choose the normal way... generate
a project... open the makefile of the app ... and it
runs !!!!!!!!!! More than a year to discover this !!!!
But better late than never... When I see all the doors
open with it !!!
Good day guys :)

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