wishlist: support for "objective C"

Philipp Gravenhorst p.gravenhorst at gmx.de
Wed Dec 12 21:22:58 GMT 2001

hello develop-team!

here's another item for the wishlist:

* support for "objective C"

as "objective C" is supported by both, the "gcc" and "gdb" it should
be quite simple to include "objective C" support.

you might wonder whether anyone is still using objective C?
well, some macintosh and nextstep developers might do.

but most important: the SWARM framework (www.swarm.org) is based on
objective C libraries (and the framework itself).

as nowadays there's no "objective C"-capable modern IDE the usage of
the SWARM framework (i.e. one's own development) is enormously
profound syntax-highlighting, class browsers, integrated text editor
and debugger are a must-have for every larger software development

thus, by providing objective C support, kdevelop would emerge to the
standard must-have for the SWARM community.

you'd rescue countless grateful SWARM users and integrate them into
the kdevelop user community ;)

thanks for listening,

 philipp g.

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