Problems with Makefiles

Emmanuel DENIE emd at
Mon Dec 10 16:03:15 GMT 2001

Pascal Francq wrote:

>On Monday 10 December 2001 14:12, you wrote:
>>hi, did you indicate in "option project" the librairies you want to use
>>in "linker option"?
>>perhaps the problem is here
>>have a lot of fun
>That's exactly the problem, I have to add them by myself in the linker 
>options. But when I add new classes or import classes in a KDevelop project, 
>normally the corresponding objects files (.a) are automatically added to the 
>makefiles, what is done. But when I compile, the final linking didn't find 
>them, I must add them explictly.
added a library is not equal to link it after these is two processuses 
Include a library is not sufficient you have to indicate to kdevelop the 
lib.o at which
is associated th lib.h
That's was i learned a few days ago

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