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Thu Dec 6 09:23:40 GMT 2001

Ralf Nolden wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 December 2001 22:08, you wrote:
> No clue. Maybe move your kdeveloprc and try if it works when running from
> scratch ?
> Ralf
> > Hi,
> > I'm really in a bad mood (Mir geht's tierisch auf's Schwein), when I see
> > that the fonts are out of order in KDevelop-2. But I don't have a clue
> > what's going on.
> > Can someone give me a hint how to fix it and why it was working in the
> > past?
> >

I debugged into KDevelop and have seen the problem is here.

The reason is the patch of Nikita Youshchenko concerning the non-latin
languages. It introduces the bug that fonts aint working any more.
If I comment that setCharSet(..) lines out, it works well as before.

Nikita added in kwrite/highlight.cpp:
void HlManager::makeAttribs(Highlight *highlight, Attribute *a, int n) {
#if QT_VERSION < 300     
#if QT_VERSION < 300

Can any of the non-latin people give a hint how to fix that?

Anyway, I disable Nikita's patch again until there is a fix around.
So version 2.1 won't work for the non-latin languages again.

Ciao,F at lk

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