Bug: Fonts in doc browser

Alistair Hughes al1stair at tinyworld.co.uk
Tue Dec 4 03:33:04 GMT 2001

Hi guys,
              Sorry to bother you with such a little problem, but it's really 
'bugging' me! I find I can alter all the fonts used in KDevelop except for 
the font in the documentation browser. When I try to alter this a small 
dialog opens, with limited settings (i.e. Small, Medium or Large for font 
sizes). However any alteration I make in this has no effect whatsoever on how 
my documentation is displayed.
      I realise this is trivial, but I run quite a high resolution on my 
monitor, and A.D.Mono at 12 point is not a very readable font. If I was a 
little more experienced then I wouldn't mind, but as it is I rely on 
referring to the documentation quite a bit.
      I have tried editing the kdevelop.rc file directly, but this seems to 
have no effect either (except the other day when suddenly everything became 
readable for 1/2 an hour) then it all went back to as it was, despite the .rc 
script staying the same.
      I'm confused but hoping you can fix it.

      Please keep up the good work. I never would have thought about taking 
up programming if it wasn't for your hard work in providing such an excellent 
environment to work with.


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