PHP for KDevelop?

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Fri Apr 27 14:27:34 UTC 2001

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Alexander Wirtz wrote:
> we had a small discussion on, if KDeveloper might support PHP in the
> near future and someone suggested, that we should try and adapt the parser
> of KDeveloper ourselves as someone already did for Java.
> So my question is now, if this suggestion is feasible, could you please give
> me some guidelines on changing the parser?
I wrote the java parser in the style of the C++ parser, as the two languages
are quite similar. It has a flex tokenizer, and a recursive descent parser
written in C++. The class parser doesn't have to parse the bodies of
classes and methods, it skips over them and only looks at method and class
declarations, which makes the problem a bit easier. 

I'm afraid I don't know anything about the syntax of PHP. You don't have to
write a new parser in the same style as the existing Java and C++ ones, but
it would still need to update the KDevelop ClassStore where the parsed
classes/methods are held. If you need help starting, please keep making enquires
on this list, and we can point you in the right direction.

-- Richard

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