AVR Patch

Robert-Margaret Hunt robert-margaret_hunt at sil.org
Thu Apr 19 17:34:00 UTC 2001


Today I uploaded an patch/plugin for Gideon to the kdevelop
upload FTP servers. The patch is not really tested because Gideon
doesn't have a way to configure highlighting yet but at least for
me it was enough to highlight AVR Assembly code.

I have used a Gideon plugin to make it possible to add
highlighting modules that are not in the main kwrite part. This
has meant I had to modify ./lib/kwrite/highlight.* slightly. The
patch to  this is called kwrite.diff.bz. The plugin is a tar file
named avrsampler.tar.bz. To use it you should be able to untar
this file in kdevelop/plugins and then add avrsampler to the
Makefile.am's list of subdirs in plugins.

I realize not many people will care about the plugin but could
someone just check that I'm doing things the write way (I'm still
kinda new to Qt/KDE/Gideon). Also could someone tell me if it's
okay what I did to Kwrite.

Jonathan Hunt
<jhuntnz at users.sourceforge.net>

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