Newbie problems with 1.4.1

John Gluck john.gluck at
Mon Apr 16 22:15:09 UTC 2001


I just started using Kdevelop...

I have 2 small problems.

1- I accidently added a newfile by giving the extension so now kdevelop
wants a file called something like "foo.cpp.cpp". I removed it in the
files pane but somehow it still wants the file. Every time I do a
configure, the file magically reappears in the Makefile. How do I remove
it for once and for all???

2- I want to add a library that is in /opt/kde/lib. I can add the
library by specifying the full path such as "/opt/kde/lib/libmything"
and that works. I would like to know what the variable name is for the
kde libs so I can do something like "$(KDELIBS)/libmything" instead.



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