Converting kde2book graphics to png's?

Scott Manson Maniac at
Wed Apr 11 18:47:15 UTC 2001

Downloading the kdevelop CVS tree today I find
that there is a lot of graphics files in gif format that
could be converted to png format saving some d/l time.

There are programs gif2png and a web2png which will convert
the gifs to png and the corresponding entries in the html code
that seems to work well.

As an example I tried
cat *.gif > and got a file size of 3630229 
while converting the gifs to pngs and a
cat *.png > I got a file size of 2581491 
a savings of almost 1Mb 

Would we violate any copyright(s)/patents or other
legal mumble-jumble by converting the gifs in CVS to png's?

I have a dialup and any way to decrease the amount of
data transfered is IMHO a Good Thing ®.

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