Need HELP!! update....

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Mon Apr 2 14:54:00 UTC 2001


I have Mandrake 7.2. I have Kdevelop 1.3 Beta2 and Kdevelop 3.0
installed. Kdevelop 3 is acquired from CVS and 1.3 is from a
tar.gz of the i386 binaries - I think I got the it of the
Kdevelop site but I don't remember. Both work fine for me. It IS
possible to use Kdevelop with M7.2 and in fact I ran into no
problems installing either of them.
My recommendations if you want the latest Kdevelop 1.4 is to
check it out from CVS and make and install it. This is really
quite simple:
    cvs -z4 co -r KDEVELOP_1_4 (or KDE_2_1_BRANCH if you want a
guraranteed stable one) kdevelop
    cd kdevelop
    make -f Makefile.cvs
    su root (type your password)
    make install

Jonathan Hunt
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Subject: Re: Need HELP!!  update....
Author:  <kdevelop at> at Internet
Date:    3/30/2001 9:44 AM

I tried many times installing m7.2 and gave up !!!
If you can get m8b2... It's a bit better but not yet
totally clean... My config works well but have some
problems compiling version apps from 2.xx...(but be
careful when choosing the package ; I choose
developper and it didn't put all the libs... But if
you try I think I can help you in case of trouble..)
Otherwise wait m8 which should soon coming... But m8b2
works pretty good yet...
good luck:))
--- Esteban Villeda <evilleda at> a ?critÿ: >
Dear folks:
> I just downloaded KDE 2.1 which includes KDevelop
> 1.4.  When I try to install it on my Mandrake 7.2 PC
> I get an error of unsatisfied dependencies.  I could
> resolve the most of them, but not the last one
> called "", and I can't find it
> anywhere.  Could anybody help me with this problem.
> Thank you folks!!!
> Esteban

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