multi lib linking problem

Alexei Matiouchkine matiouchkine at
Fri Apr 6 13:03:57 UTC 2001

Hi, all.
I've got the following strange problem, using kDevelop 1.4.
I built the simple c++ project from the scratch, that have an amount of 
subdirs added. In all these dirs, the corresponding .a libraries are created 
without any problem (let's call them lib1.a, lib2.a).
But than, when the main program is about to be linked:

bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link g++ -O3 -Wall -o main main.o lib1.a lib2.a
g++ -O3 -Wall -o main main.o lib1.a lib2.a
/path/lib1.a(file1.o): In function func1()':
file1.o(.text+0xfbe): undefined reference to `func2'

considering, the func1 came from lib1 and func2 - from lib2 respectively, can 
somebody say me, what linker flag (or whatever else) have I missed???

Thanks a lot

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