Kdevelop and QT-2.2.4

Michael Michael_Gruetzner at gmx.de
Wed Apr 4 10:44:22 BST 2001


i've got some trouble with compiling an application( with kdevelop 1.3)
uses the QServerSocket class.
I'm trying to create a class named SqrtServerSocket, that has
as it's Baseclass. When I try to compile the programm, I get a lot of
error messages like this:

reference to 'QServerSocket::metaObject(void) const

/.../sqrtsocket.cpp(.text+0x13): undefined reference to
'QSocket::QSocket(QObject*, char const*)'

I've set the the directory pointing on the QT-2.2.4
correctly in the KDevelop Setup ( and also the path to kde2 ) and the
variable $QTDIR points also on the QT-2.2.4 directory.

so where's the errror??? I hope, someone can help me!!!!

best regards....Michael

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