Cross compiling and cross-debugging

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Tue Apr 3 22:50:25 BST 2001

I'd like to get kdevelop to work with cross-compilers and 

Cross compiling was easy, as it's controlled by the project makefiles 
(just change CC).

However, cross-debugging was a bit more difficult. I found the 'gdb 
path' config variable that gdbcontroller.cpp reads, but is never set 
anwhere, and was able to change it to call the cross-gdb.

What would be nice would be an integrated GUI setup where one could 
configure paths for cross-compilers and debuggers for different 
architectures, and then select a target architecture to build.

Has anyone else thought about this already, or have plans for something 
like this?

(If you want some pre-built cross-compilers and other tools, have a look 

(FYI, I'm using Kdevelop 1.4.0 on a debian-ppc system)

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